Terris LED-vision: Intelligent Street Light

In our company, two managers with a long-term international experience in electronics and electrical engineering have joined their efforts. Our goal is to provide our customers with a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

At the beginning, we have defined attributes that define a top-class street lamp:

  • High lamp efficiency
  • Modular concept enabling to compile exactly the optimum lamps for each customer’s needs
  • Long life and minimum need of maintenance
  • Possibility to regulate light intensity via predefined programmes

We analysed concepts of currently marketed lamps, interviewed potential clients as well as suppliers of key lamp components.

The resulting product is a modular lamp construction, optimised with regards to optical characteristics as well as production costs – simple and intelligent.

The lamps are assembled in the Czech Republic from top-class components. Thus, flexibility of supplies, wide range of optical parameters and quality are ensured.

With our new product line CityLED DA, meeting all attributes of a top-class street lamp stated above, the vision of TERRIS has been materialised.